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actress? >> it's definitely between jennifer lawrence or jessica chastain. jennifer lawrence, it's a perfect role for her. she just won the sag award. i think we're going to hear her name. >> jennifer lawrence. >> okay. >> thank you. i love your shirt. >> thank you. i appreciate it. i love being here. >> of course, you do. >>> coming up next, our girl sara haynes. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another
think she's saving him for the big day. >> jennifer lawrence, what's she going to be wearing? >> she's contracted to wear dior. so that's what she will be wearing at the oscars this weekend. >> "django unchanged" star kerry washington. >> i'm hearing jason wu is going to be making a dress for her. >> oh, really? >> yes. you though that kerry's been a real supporter of the obamas. maybe michelle whispered in her ear a little bit saying, you know what? my designer can do wonders for you. >> thank you for your fashion intel. you always have fabulous inside scoop. >> fun to be here with you, of course. >> we're going to be seeing joe zee on the oscar red carpet sunday. then monday he's going to be right back here in studio to reveal his best and worst dressed. >> uh-oh. >>> along with all the gowns, probably all of them fabulous, the oscar stars will be dripping with expensive jewels. brooke anderson is with one star, mila kunis, helping to make sure the world's most precious gems don't come at too high a cost. >> do you like my emerald earrings? >> mila bringing out the green. i'm with
be jennifer lawrence vs. jessica chastain. now people are saying that emmanuelle riva, over 80 years old, might steal the award from her. i still think it is going to go to jennifer lawrence. > the numbers have been astounding at the box office, because it has been such a special year. > > lot of good movies. > which is one of the reasons why we got dressed up for this. > >that's right. > all right, let's look at the box office boost here. $83 million going to "zero dark thirty" after getting the nominations. that happened on january 10th. "silver linings playbook" coming in second at $64 million. that one really caught an oscar buzz. "django unchained" at $44 million, "les mis" at $37 million, and "lincoln" at $31 million. but the overall winner from oscar nods and from the audience, "lincoln." > > "lincoln." a really surprising $176 million at the box office. a historical biopic film that people didn't think was going to do that well at the box office, and it really inspired people to go. a lot of great word of mouth from just average people going to see the movie, and it is my pick fo
like that. jennifer lawrence. this is one of the seasons where you kind of wonder, who is it going to be? jennifer lawrence, just like daniel day-lewis, has swept all of the awards this season. jessica -- when hey have the been against each other in the other awards shows they have always gone number one and number two jennifer lawrence taking the trophy. >> shepard: for the grandmotheries, cbs knocked down the scantily clad -- the oscars is having none of that. >> i don't think people have to worry about it too much at the oscar, unless you have ang lieb na jolie's legs poking out. >> shepard: one big surprise? >> if there's one big surprise, i think it would be "argo" not winning best picture, and "zero dark thirty" getting it. these are people who are hollywood insiders and just based on how the directors awards have gone and the sags have gone, it's clear that "argo" is going to take this. >> shepard: all right. on to the ballot where adolph hitler is on the list, so is billy the kirk among other people with up usual legal names. tell you where that is happening next.
is the key. there's one after the other. >> best actress, this could be a surprise. jennifer lawrence, brilliant in "silver linings play book." >> i think the surprise could be if she were american, she would have this thing locked up. she's the oldest nominee ever. she plays an unflinching role of this woman stricken with a stroke and is incapacitied. it's oscar bait. she's not american. it's also a film that's hard to watch. so maybe some of the academy members who are not -- >> i can't see the academy letting somebody who afears in a french-sounding movie win. >> dark horse. >> she doesn't have harvey weinstein in her corner. she's been able to champion performances. jennifer lawrence in her rise reminds me of gwen earth paltrow. >> i still say that. >> jessica is jennifer. >> ballroom dancing cures mental illness. >> another mention? >> my favorite film of the year. it's the most memorable and most emotional. but i think for someone at that age and career, it's welcome to the industry. >> every single person in broadcasting secretly hopes she doesn't win so they don't have to repe
women? >> yes. >> how about the best actors contest? jennifer lawrence holds her own. even though jessica testing one -- won graves -- rave reactions. >> daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." best director " steven spielgberg" for -- for steven spielberg for "lincoln." >> we invite you to watch our special abc 7 coverage of the academy awards live from hollywood, cynne simpson and arch campbell there. that will start tonight at 5:00. >> doesn't he look spiffy? >> 4:57. >> still ahead call it a sweet move
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. >> that is a good start. smart money leads towards jessica chastain or jennifer lawrence. >> i think it might be jennifer lawrence. >> a prediction based on history and a preference for younger actresses. >> in 15 years 12 winners were 35 years old or younger. >> for real controversy let's move on to best picture. only category using ranked voting. that could with a problem. >> what is the difference? >> if not lincoln, zero dark thirty, second best movie of the year. >> what would you consider to be the third? >> it's not the third. no. argo is not even the third best. >> at the root of this receiving no nominations on the best director categories. >> they're angry it wasn't nominated. and argo now is one that has become the sort of ropository for vote of discontentment. >> you might think of this is yet another civil war but this time in academy. in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> interesting. >> oscar sunday just two day as way. have you a front row seat if you want. live coverage begins at 2:00 stars beginning to arrive at 4:00 awards presentation begins at 5:30. >> afterward
. >> this awards season has been about showing off skin. jennifer lawrence and anne hathaway went strapless. naomi watts showed off her shoulders with a sexy halter neckline. i definitely expect to see more skin this oscar sunday. >> jessica chastain and amy adams are just a few of the ladies to rock romantic glamour waves. sidney's do it yourself tips for fuller hair? >> to get that red carpet look i like to use pantene age defy advanced thickening treatment. when you use it daily you instantly notice fuller feeling and thicker hair. >> what makeup trends? >> celebrities are drawing attention to their best features. the favorite, a bold lip or a smoky eye. you can get more of my style and beauty tips like how to get covergirl eyes or red carpet worthy hair by heading to style united's facebook page now. closed captioning provided by -- >>> emma stone and nicolas cage closed the berlin film festival with the world premiere of "the >>> more of our "entertainment tonight" prince michael exclusive. the king of pop's son finally faces the men of "oz: the great and powerful" in just about ten minutes.
while lead actress is a toss up between emachine well r. a va, jennifer lawrence and jessica chastain. >> it has turned out that people are really connecting with jennifer lawrence's performance. for that reason, i think she'll win. >> reporter: ann hathaway should win in the supporting category for her performance in les miserables. for supporting guys, all five nominees are previous winners. >> family guy creator seth mcfarlane will handle toasting duties. he knows how he will keep the a list entertained for three hours. >> can i just do half, just do the first half and then maybe bring out alec baldwin and he can finish up. >> reporter: if you don't care about who wins what, you can tune in to look at some of the world appear prettiest people in dezoner duds. >> that is what a lot of people end up watching for. >>> an arizona couple will red sox rg minus the three. >> they medicine a bet when the cowboys played the redskins last thanksgiving f the cowboys won, march is a would pick their babies name, if the redskins win won, emachine well would pick the baby's name. skins beat dall
's on the penny. >> he is on the pen knee -- penny. >> jennifer lawrence has been so great in silver lining play book. i am going to have an upset pick here. an actress who is 80 years old who is an absolutely sublime form man's in the movie am more. it may be the factor with jennifer lawrence. not so fast. >> this woman if you see it it's a heartbreaking movie. it is an extraordinary performance. i am rooting for her. i have this hunch she might get the upset win. >> best supporting actress. >> this is another one of my locks that's anne hathaway for less miserable. she dreamed the dream. she cut her hair, she lost her life, she cried, she sang. >> best supporting actor? >> i am going to go with robert deniro. he's one of our greats as anna actor. it has been a while since he acted in a film. he acts. >> up next members of the international per cushion sensation stomp in our studio. wait until you hear them. it's awesome. >> we have another look at the fore >> weekend with the ravens. beginning contract talks with joe flacco and the ravens don't have that much time to start a deal because they
, a nutritious and fits in instructor. talk about jennifer lawrence. she has been critical of the rail thin actresses who keep themselves so thin, but she herself has had to get into shape for roles and for the red carpet. whap whapts what's the routine? >> trainers have different functions of training. basically movements and exercises you do on a daily basis. so for katniss aberdeen, climbing tree, running, sprinting. fire, archery, had to do a lot of exercises that mimicked those movements. she would do sprinting, agility drills. worked with medicine balls, which i have here and if we have time will play with. >> so let's talk about diet, though, and what you should eat, shouldn't eat. we know that jamie foxx for "django unchained" had to put on a lot of muscle? >> a lot of functional training as well because he's doing the work of a slave in that movie. he actually had to focus more on his back and getting his posture correct. you know i love posture. >> yes, you do. >> and stop doing the chest pressing. stop overdeveloping the chest muscles and work more on functional training getting
? >> a tough one. i think jennifer lawrence for "silver linings playbook." such a great film. four actress nominations. but jennifer lawrence has momentum. so versatile. you know her from "the hunger games." such a great job. jessica chastain andemanuel rev. she won the baptist. i really think this is jennifer lawrence's award to win. >> supporting actress? >> another one like daniel day-lewis. anne hathaway. she's just won every single award. if you saw "les mis" you watched her on screen. >> you cried when she was singing. i did. how about supporting actor? >> this is the one race you probably don't want to bet money on because this is the one that really nobody knows. right now, it looks like the momentum is towards robert de niro for "silver linings playbook." he's so great in this. he has not won an oscar since "raging bull." it's been over 30 years since he's won't an oscar. tommy lee jones in "lincoln" was great. and kristof walsh has won the golden globe. alan arkin, there's that upswing towards "argo." but i think it's robert de niro. >> i checked off my ballot like you told me. t
may be tougher to predict with jennifer lawrence at 60%. in trades predictor has a 90% oscars rating when it documents oscars. >>> josh brolin and diane lane have decided to call it quits after eight years of marriage after reportedly separating a few months ago. >>> rapper wiz khalifa and amber rose welcoming baby sebastian into the world. congratulation. >>> "star trek's" william shatner gets a vote. captain kirk summmoned his 1.3 followers to get a vote. volcan is in the lead. >>> bette midler found herself in a little hot water when she tweeted a poorly tasted oscar pistorius joke where she said looks like pistorius doesn't have a leg to stand on. >>> finally, the harlem shake is number one on the billboard charts. how you ask? billboard started counting youtube data. just a little too late for gangnam style. >> millions of hits. >> i do move we retire gangnam style. >>> this next one comes from kntv in california's bay area. one couple spent valentine's day in a police station. carlos and barbara stopped at the golden gate bridge before their romantic dinner and found across a l
." >> and the same movie jennifer lawrence nominated for best actress. she's already won the golden globe. they say this category still has the toughest competition. >> as for best actor, easy favorite is daniel day-lewis. he was strong portraying abraham loin done. >> kenneth, i'm gonna duck uptown and have lunch with my boyfriend. >> yes, ma'am. is that code for some kind of older gal medical procedure? >> no, kenneth. i really have a boyfriend. look. he's handsome and a doctor. >> a doctor? well don't get too attached. as soon as people realize his tonics don't work, it's on to the next town. >> hey, ken, you know what i have a craving for? >> jerk chicken from that place in mill basin? >> and some? >> catalog photos of expectant mothers in their swimming suits? >> you are my radar o'reilly, ken. now get in here and rub my feet till you hear a chopper coming. >> lemon, how's tracy? what's his mood? >> oh, upbeat and confused. >> perfect. you know his contract is up. >> has it been that long? boy, we sure have done some crazy things with tracy in the last three years. >> huh, we sure have. >> i'm
be tough to predict with jennifer lawrence at 60%. insider trader has a 90% oscars rating when it documents oscars. >>> josh brolin and diane lane have decided to call it quits after eight years of marriage after reportedly separating. >>> rapper khalifa and amber rose welcoming baby sebastian into the world. >>> "star trek's" william shatner gets a vote. volcan is in the lead. >>> bette midler found herself in a little hot water when he tweeted a poorly tasted oscar pistorius joke where he said looks like pistorius doesn't have a throwing stand on. finally, number one on the billboard charts. how you asky billboard charted youtube data just a little too late for gangnam style. this is not the original harlem shake. >> oh. >> yeah, there is an original harlem shake of ten years ago. >> do you like the new version? >> not as much as the old one but this is funny, too. please don't ask me to dance. >>> this next one comes from kntv in california's bay area. one couple spent valentine's day in a police station. they spent their romantic dinner and found across a lost camera bag. it was traced
dark 30 or jennifer lawrence in silver linings play book. >> unfortunately i it might be jennifer lawrence. >>reporter: prediction on historical indicator an preference for younger actress. >> in the last 15 years 12 of the winners w years old or younger. >>reporter: for the real controversy let's move to the best pick. only category that use rank voting that could be a problem. >> i think it should be lincoln in this case. yes. not argo. by the way if not lincoln and if not argo zero dark 30. second best movie of the year. >>reporter: what is the third best movie. >> no it's not the third best mav a. argo not even the third best. >>reporter: at the root of that go zero dark 30 and argo 7 no nomination in the best director category. >> really angry that zero dark 30 the director for zero dark 30 and director of argo weren't nominated. and argo right now is the one that has become sort of deposit for the vote of discontentment. >>reporter: argo will whip. lincoln will lose. you might think of it as another civil war but this time in the academy. in san francisco, wayne
for "amore." >> and al, which way did you go here? >> jennifer lawrence. >> the favorite in that category. >> "silver linings playbook" again. i would be happy with jennifer lawrence, too. >> it was so competitive. >> lot of good movies. i don't know. is she with bradley cooper again for best actress? >> you picked quvenzhane wallis. >> i was so tickled to see the oldest and the youngest. >> what a wonderful story. >> what a reign. >> "beasts of the southern wild," beautiful film as well. >> she is darling. did i see her with you the other day, al? >> a couple of weeks ago. >> right and she was too quoout cute. >> thank you so much. >> am i leaving? >> are you sticking around? >> i thought you were telling me good-bye. >> never, never. we've got pictures of bradley cooper to show you. >> open invitation. you stay as long as you want. >> bradley cooper and virgin mojit sochlt. >> we'll send it back up to new york for a check of "today's" top stories with carl quintanilla. >>> a judge in south africa is deciding whether olympic store oscar pistorius can be released on bail before his trial
" is the odds on favorite for best picture. ashley: go best actress. i don't know, what about jennifer lawrence, "silver linings playbook"? >> that's a great choice. jennifer lawrence is tremendous in the movie. there is jessica chastain who was incredible in "zero dark thirty.". this is one of the most competitive best actress categories i've ever seen. both of these women giving stellar performances. i have to give a little bit of nod or the benefit to jennifer lawrence in this case. ashley: all right. best actor, we have daniel day-lewis, the englishma englishman/irishman playing lincoln or what about bradley cooper? >> bradley cooper was awesome. he is plays the bipolar son of robert de niro in "silver linings playbook". he can do everything. not just a leading man. but day-lewis's lincoln i have to give him the odds on to win. he is favorite. daniel day-lewis. he is a stick figured tall, kind of squeaky voice abraham lincoln. he so per son nice lincoln. this is a guy who can play really hardcore, intense roles like bill the butcher in "gangs of new york" and there will be blood, the charac
things than inappropriate things. >> jennifer lawrence on "the hunger games" "silver linings" and "the paparazzi." we're live in "the newsroom." good morning, thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. in an emotionally wrenching hearing today a judge refused to downgrade the charge against olympian oscar pistorius. he is now officially charged with a premeditated murder of his girlfriend. pistorius wept as his attorneys tried to persuade the court that reeva steenkamp's death was a tragic accident. key points, he said "i heard a noise in the bathroom, a sense of terror overwhelmed me. it was pitch dark. i thought reeva was in bed. i did not have my legs on. i felt extremely vulnerable. i shouted to reeva to phone police, she did not respond." later pistorius realized it was reeva in the bathroom, she died in his arms. pistorius' bail hearing is over for the day. cnn's robyn curnow joins us with more. good morning, robyn. >> reporter: good morning. and it was that testimony, wasn't it, it was those words, it was that explanation that people have been waiting for since valent
, will silver turn to gold one week from tonight? jennifer lawrence up for an oscar for "silver linings playbook" and tonight her own playbook began in kentucky. >> just 22 with two best actress nominations already on her resume. she has hollywood buzzing with delight. both at her glitz to glam rage and at her refreshingly unspoiled self-image. >> i just have a very weird job and if iust remind myself of that, that it's nothing more than that, threaten i don't sta thinking it's more dramatic. on the dance floor with bradley cooper, toe to toe with this guy. >> ever since he was with you -- >> you think i'm why today's happened? >> that's right. >> i'm the reason why today happened? >> reporter: you stare into robert de niro's eyes and tell him off. >> nerve racking. oh, my god, i'm going to be screaming at robert de niro and i'm going to be messing up my lines. fortunately the adrenaline kicked in and i remembered. >> reporter: she grew up in kentucky, youngest of three. >> my dad started working at home when i was six. so i would dress up as a clown or ballerina and go to my dad every day when
that inappropriate things. >> jennifer lawrence won the screen actors guild. speaking of oscar, the venue has a new name. now is the dolby theater. used to be the kodak vietor. the oscar voting deadline is tomorrow and the d-day come sunday. -- each used to be the kodak the headertheater. it looks like a good year for the oscars. the movies up for best picture have found bigger audiences than last year's contenders and several of them are too close to call. i will give you my picks later this week and let you know how i do with the oscars. there is shifting sentiment. >> we want everyone to know that there is a poll on our facebook page, if you want to take part in it. >> the headline is that he read a thesaurus. >> coming up next a link between television and children's behavior. what researchers found was related to aggressive behavior. >> he is one of our few homegrown activist al we look back on the civil rights era with rufus catfish may feel. >> he was a juvenile delinquent who stole cars before a tragic event changed his life. >> rufus catfish mayfield took us to his old northeast d.c. neigh
, jennifer lawrence? odds have her even now with jessica chastain for best actress. but throw out the conventional wisdom playbook. >> there is emmanuelle riva who had a stunning portrayal in "amour." >> reporter: quvenzhane wallis could also provide an upset. once considered a wildcard, she became a megastar just as academy members were voting. >> and inside i was doing flips that i could never do before. >> reporter: and there's "les mis" star and best actor nominee hugh jackman who told me this. >> it's great to be nominee. if i'm in the mezzanine, there's a very good chance i won't be winning. >> reporter: you may not want to put all of your pennies on daniel day-lewis. no one has ever taken home best actor for playing a u.s. president. >> that's a little fun fact there. thank you. you and robin, hosting the oscars preshow on sunday. that's at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. on monday, we'll all be out in l.a. the "gma's" oscar party with the stars, we'll have interviews with the winners and all the best moments on stage and off. >> and we get to see all of you handsome devils in
've seen jennifer lawrence win cat got area of it cfter category. she's fast becoming one of the best actresses in hollywood. she's so good and she definitely could take home the oscar on sunday night. but don't forget about jessica chastain. her performance as the cia agent, really, really good complex strong role and she has one of them. >> listen to you. you have the best job in the world. michelle turner, going to be an awesome weekend. hollywood's biggest night, our red carpet special, the road to gold begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. tires squeal ]s over, and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. to get our adt security system. and one really big reason -- the house next door. our neighbor's house
of the night. here are my personal picks. best supporting actor, tommy lee jones, best actress, jennifer lawrence, best director, steven spielberg, best movie, "argo." take that to the bank if you want to lose a few dollars. that's all for us tonight. >>> an inspiring hero, a beautiful model -- >> it's a fun production and watch it. >> we start this morning with a shocking valentine's day tragedy. >> a nation in shock. >> it's devastating, tragic. >> the world renowned olympian oscar pistorius has been charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend. >> for a week, the world has watched the triumphant story of oscar pistorius turned to tragedy. just last summer, this was oscar pistorius. the first amputee ever to compete in the olympic games. and a source of enormous pride for a sports-crazed nation. today, a totally different scene. >> yesterday we called him a hero. some people say he should just be put to the the sword. >> a flood of confusing details. >> the neighbors did hear gunshots. >> she died in his arms. >> but everyone agrees on a simple tragic fact. on valentine's day, os
is sparking conversations. >> calm down, crazy. >> when jennifer lawrence says that to bradley cooper, it take bradley and the audience by surprise. simp people who have severe emotional problems, you might not expect them to call each other crazy. >> but david orussell uses honesty and murder to shine a unique light on emotional problems, a perspective born of his life with his son matthew, who has bipolar mood disorder. >> i've put everything i've learned in these experiences with my son and our family, you put it into the film. the actor knew i had put myself into it. >> what the -- >> one reason is this is the first film in 30 years to have actors nominated in all four categories. david's son matthew also gave an extraordinary if ironic performance. >> what are you laughing about? >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> it was a wonderful experience for our son to be someone who was outside the episodes looking in. >> while that may have been giving matthew new perspective, russell ed says cooper and lawrence's character seem like the most normal in the movie. >> the people i met have a real qualit
a lock-in for, but it really has turned out that people are really connecting with jennifer lawrence's performance and for that reason i think she'll win. >> reporter: following wins at the globals in sag anne hathaway should win for her performance in les miserables while it could be a topup for the supporting guys as all five are previous winners. family guy creator seth mcfarland will handle hosting duties. he told fox he knows now he's going to keep the audience enter takenned for at least three hours. >> can -- entertained for at least three hours. >> can i just do half? >> reporter: you can tune in to look at some of the world's prettiest people in designer duds. >>> with the oscars days away we asked our facebook fans to share some of their favorite movie lines. anita brown stevens likes there's no place like home. darnell williams favorite, i'll have what she's having from the famous restaurant scene in when harry met sally. pat bailey picked what if this is as good as it gets spoken by jack nicholson. here's one that's probably a favorite of many people, jessica pender pos
abig win. you have a lot of different categories here. this is all split. i feel like jennifer lawrence for avril linings playbook has the momentum after she won the sag award. but keep an eye out for emmanuel rirs. i'm going to go will win, jessica lawrence. should win, jessica chastain. chastain had a much better performance. lawrence is the more showy performance. when they show a hay light reel, hers will look better overall but chastain was the better one. >>> we want to talk about best director. that this has been a controversial category. ben affleck directing argo and getting passed up and people are wondering where this will go this time. what do you think? >> the most controversial character, the category of the night. affleck being snub became the best and worst thing to happen to argo. argo will win best picture. he is not nominated for best director. he won every directing award leading up to the oscars. the entire race is open because none of the guys have won anything leading up to. spielberg is heavy favored. keep an eye out for david o. russell. silver linings playbook
jennifer lawrence, and how beautiful she is. they identify with these people with the way they will not identify with a model coming down the red carpet. >> reporter: while most of these dresses are one of a kind, knock-offs will be in the stores in a matter of days, and the right dress on the right actress can launch craze. >> if chemistry hits, the designer launch is huge. that dress itself may not sell, but the impact of that look, of that silhouette, of that sort of style within both the designer and other designs around the country will be enormous. >> reporter: in hollywood, dominique diatali, fox news. >> we asked our facebook fans, which picture should win. kelly said "argo" thinks it would win. debra is going with "beasts of the southern wild" or "silver linings playbook" because they both had an excellent story line and great acting. but money is going in a different direction. she thinks "django unchained" should win, saying the film had great acting from the entire cast. we invite to you share your thoughts, go to our facebook page and let us know what you thin
leading up to it. gerri: let's drill down to the individual players. jennifer lawrence, nominated for best actress for silver lining playbook. what do you think she will do? >> she is a loyalist gunmen nephew she is going to continue to weird york. she has worn it every time leading up to the oscars, and other she is the face of the handbags, if i was a betting woman i would say that she will be wearing dior and will likel go with the navy colored. she is not a big risk taker. she would go with something a little bit classic. gerri: here is my favorite. nominated for best actress for zero dart 30. >> i love her in every single movie she has ever been in. i have not love to this award season. she did this light blue. i thought her golden gloves, a little bell over the place. a big fan of alexander mcqueen. at issue will go with that caller. she is not that much to loyalist we can see her in anything from oscar de la renta -- who knows. gerri: unpredictable. best actre for the impossible. >> she wore one of the huge trends that the gloves, long sleeves, and it was all about that back. this b
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